Digital Marketing

As marketing specialists, we help clients roll out their marketing strategies across all relevant channels, and to maximise the benefits of each medium. Digital marketing offers the opportunity to gather and leverage data at individual customer level, significantly improving our understanding of the marketplace in which a client operates as well as the individual segments within their customer base. This in turn allows us to get the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Armed with this depth of understanding, we proceed to the profiling of each audience and develop keyword strategies to best match their needs. For further information, please visit our page on Search Engine Optimisation.

Data-driven Marketing

Many years spent handling complex and sensitive marketing data serve to reassure clients that any proposed data solutions ensure that  both they(as data controller) and we (and any other data processors) are fully compliant with UK data protection law incorporating GDPR. We specialise in gathering marketing data from a number of different sources, both online and offline.

We are more than happy to have a no-obligation discussion of how we can help you. Please contact us to arrange a face-to-face or online meeting.

Social Media

When used effectively, social media platforms are an important element within the overall marketing mix.

Social media allows businesses to reach individuals through a channel which they naturally embrace and at the times they are most open to  marketing messages. Social media belongs to the user who therefore feels comfortable, in control and secure when operating within the medium.  As a result of this confidence and feeling of control, comes trust. A well planned and carefully executed social media campaign will build on this trust, allow the business to remain front of mind,  and therefore encourage the potential customer to make contact when the product or service becomes relevant.

Social media platforms are also a highly efficient and low cost means of delivering traffic to a given website.


One of the most successful techniques employed by online marketers.  In a nutshell, individuals who have visited your website can be tracked and presented with digital adverts/reminders which allow them to click back to your product, as they move around the internet. Statistics show that retargeting increases the chances of users purchasing your product or service by as much as 68%.

Measuring the Metrics

All marketing techniques require regular measurement and recalibration in order to remain effective. This holds true for digital marketing and happily there are some excellent industry standard tools available, which can be utilised at very low cost.

We deploy and configure these tools on behalf of many of our clients, and work with them to analyse the results of digital initiatives. Results are then used to adjust and improve  online marketing effectiveness.